Kaila; like whoa! (xselfxhatex) wrote,
Kaila; like whoa!

clean up

I'm going to start cleaning out my friends list. I will probably be deleting alot of people, simply because if I don't know you by now I probably never will get to know you. I hope non of you are offended, and if it means that much to you to remain on my friends list please leave me a comment and I will add you back.
Can you please delete me if i have removed you from my list
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14 years ago

Did I make the cut or did you not clean up yet?

: D
you made the cut!!
delete me and i'll murder you in your sleep and eat your kaila fingers! (not that you would delete me.. would you?!?!)

also, you know me too well with the whole "i'm gay" quiz.. 9 out of fricken 10!!
lol :)
go me!

Deleted comment

you dont know me? pfft
[your hot! also]
hope you keep me <33
will do :)
hey, i'm just commenting because i was clicking around my interests thing and you were the only other person in the whole LJ community that listend anti-snap. I'm assuming you are referring to the redkin hair product? well i love that stuff =)
yeah i am referring to redken :)
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